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2013-07-22 10:13 pm
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validation comes from giving it back to the people

Before I get started and you start reading, this is a personal post about my RL. It's public 'cause I don't mind anybody reading it if they want, but there's absolutely no obligation to comment at all. Seriously. I just like to clear my mind out a bit sometimes like this.

I've been catching up with a good friend of mine from before the move, we haven't spoken in a couple of years and he's a great person, and he was asking about the move. And now we're comparing stories 'cause he moved recently. 

It's nothing important, but talking to him helped me realise a lot about how I was feeling two years ago and helped me push past it. I think I'm a better person in some ways because of it, worse in other ways. But I wouldn't go back and change it. That's the most valuable thing I learnt tonight and for a silly reason, I wanted to remind myself of it. 

I'll be disappearing to university soon and that terrifies me to no end. But I managed two years in France without speaking a word of French, I reckon I can thrive back in the UK. I want to work harder and make myself a better person with every coming year.