05 July 2013 @ 02:27 pm
milkovich intro post
always adding
comment below to say hi!

the basics (what'cha wanna know?)
Hey! I'm Gemma and I'm eighteen years old, hopefully heading to university after the summer to study chemical engineering. I'm from the bonnie auld land of Scotland and apparently I'm really bad for using slang nobody outside of Scotland gets. I love lots of types of music but I'm really bad at listening to new artists. I read fantasy novels, but for the past couple of years I haven't read anything that wasn't fannishly produced so I'm trying to fix that.

the fandoms (otps and brotps)
teen wolf: lydia/isaac, derek/lydia, derek/isaac, danny/ethan, allison/scott/isaac
hockey rpf: jonathan toews/patrick kane, sidney crosby/evgeni malkin, brandon bollig/andrew shaw
game of thrones: arya stark/gendry waters, brienne of tarth/jaime lannister, tyrion lannister + sansa stark

the journal (I'm bad at updating)
I've had this journal since the beginning of 2013, not that you'd know. I've got a really bad habit of deleting posts when I think I've done a bad job of them which means I go through my blog and delete basically everything every couple of months. If the posts are still around though, you can expect to find me talking about: television, books, films, occasionally politics and sports as I get more confident discussing them and music. I'll also post fanfiction from time to time and other fannish endeavours.

the links (you can also find me here)
tumblr: I don't post any of my own content there, it's just for reblogging
delicious: for keeping track of fic I love, and its a pretty good indicator of my main fandoms at any given time

the tags (super duper organised)
I'm going to be the first to admit it. I have organised tags. I can't handle random tagging, it doesn't work for me: never has and never will (check my tumblr okay, I'm even organised there too). Lemme give you a rundown on how the tags work. f: denotes fandom regardless of type (i.e. f: teen wolf, f: hockey rpf, f: hemlock grove)
p: denotes pairing, organised alphabetically by last name (e.g. p: isaac lahey/scott mccall, p: patrick kane/jonathan toews)
otherwise it dissolves into: tv -- episode discussions; music -- new discoveries, album reviews; books -- readathons, reviews; life -- travel, friends, family, school;
essentially there are tag stems and from there it branches off-- it's pretty easy to follow (at least I think!)
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